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JET Electric has many satisfied service customers including Verizon Telephone, Chillicothe Telephone, T-Mobile Wireless, South Central Power, Dayton Power & Light, Vectren Gas and the City of Columbus, Ohio. We provide both “24/7” emergency and scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) services for their generator sets. We treat each of your generators like they were our own. Every unit we service has an individual database that keeps a running record of all visits, the engine hours, services performed, battery dates, filters required, problems encountered, etc. It allows us to be up to the minute on the status of each generator we service.

We travel the entire State of Ohio and save our multiple location customers costs by preparing service runs that encompass geographic areas and multiple sites. We charge only actual mileage traveled on a “ganged” service run – a unique savings we offer over standard industry billing practices.

All scheduled PM service run costs can be quoted – the only thing we ask is accurate information on the engines being serviced so we can accurately estimate our materials costs. Our emergency services are performed on a time & material basis.

One thing to be aware of is that JET Electric does save you significant money over our competitors in several ways:

1. We develop service routes and charge only the miles accumulated between store locations. Many service facilities will charge you mileage for each store as if they ran each one individually even though they create a service route and gang them together.

2. We will update the unit database as work is completed. Our database has proven invaluable when we get an emergency call from your stores reporting a problem. It aids us in troubleshooting and increases our efficiency as we can arrive at the store with the correct filters, hoses, belts, etc.

Tailored Maintenance Service

  • Annual, 2/year, 4/year-inspection, change fluids and filters
  • Semiannual/quarter annual- mostly inspection, no change of fluids or filters until one year.


Generator Design

JET Electric can also be your source for . . . .

  • Zenith Controls automatic transfer switches
  • GE Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Customized control panels
  • Custom designed enclosures
  • Electrical wiring harnesses
  • ABB Circuit Breakers
  • Marathon Electric Generators
  • Switches, Gauges, and Meters
  • Mennekes Electric Pin & Sleeve Electrical Connectors


Effective: April 1, 2008 to April 1, 2009

Standard hourly rates $90.00
Overtime hourly rates $135.00
Travel rates $60.00
Overtime travel rates $90.00
Mileage charges per mile (subject to change as gas prices increase)


Standard rates apply during normal working hours of 8AM until 5PM Monday through Friday.

Overtime rates apply for hours after 5PM until 1AM and normal hours on Saturdays.

Sunday rates are double time.

Travel rates and mileage fees are from portal to portal. The same overtime conditions as standard rates apply to travel rates.

Mileage fees are subject to adjustment as the charges for fuel increase.

Lodging and meals are billed at vendors charge plus an administration fee.